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Dominik Bleilevens
Dominik Bleilevens@beleevens · Freelance UX Designer & Voice Enthusiast
Hello @badwordsgame! What distinguishes you from Scrabble? If I wanted to, I could use a normal Scrabble and play it with my own NSFW / Bad Words rules.
Badd Wherds
Badd WherdsMaker@badwordsgame · Chief Opponent Destroyer
@beleevens Hi Dominik! Our game is a lot more than just letters - we have dialed in a variety of entire words into separate categories of tiles, which players connect to make whole sentences or phrases with. Unlike Scrabble, where the goal is to create a high scoring word from your letter tiles, the goal with Bad Words is to make a funny/inappropriate sentence or phrase with every turn. Our tiles also have point values and can be counted, however we usually prefer to focus more on having fun than keeping score. In a round of Bad Words players will maintain a total of 21 tiles (14 word tiles in addition to 7 letter tiles). So, to accommodate the extra tiles, the Bad Words game board is also much larger.