Bad Numbers

A reverse telephone lookup of unwanted calls

#4 Product of the DayJuly 16, 2016
Truecaller can do this, and block those already on a spam list. It can also actually help you identify the number as it's calling you
Just got a call and voicemail from one of the numbers listed on this site. I found it to be a quick and helpful way to verify that the caller's message was BS.
@kaz now if only there was a way I could import and block all these numbers on my phone. 🤔
@rrhoover you better be using Truecaller (already advised you once!) ;)
@_jacksmith you're right. Downloading Truecaller now. 😊
@rrhoover it doesn't pick up all numbers, but an essential app for me
Cool! Does it support numbers from other countries too?
Or you can just use Google. Useful service, but not need in this instance as there are many others doing the same job.
@pointandstare The iPhone makes this slow on purpose by not letting you copy a phone number from the Recents list without it tacking on the city to the text, and that ruins a quick Google search. That gives me no time to actually pick up for wanted calls by doing a fast Google search during the first few rings. I wonder if the app collects data for its database. I doubt any do. A ridiculous situation. I'm on Sprint and the claim a couple dollars a month will add real caller ID. I hesitate to even try it. 800notes has the crowd sourced data, which they will most definitely lack.
I think I'll need this. This is cool!