Backup Alarm

Set backup alarms that only ring if you're still asleep

Set a second alarm to ring only if you're still asleep. This means next time you oversleep your alarm, Backup Alarm will wake you up, and you won't be late for work, school, or something else

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Hey guys, I'm Spencer, and I'm the maker of Backup Alarm. Backup Alarm was born after I kept oversleeping my alarm and being late to school. I figured that if I could design an alarm clock to ring only if I was still asleep, I wouldn't have to worry about being late from oversleeping, and that's exactly what Backup Alarm does. I hope you all enjoy it! If you have questions, or would like to demo the app (for free), leave a comment!
@spencer_milanak I’d love to demo the app! How can I do so?
@3raxton If you have an iPhone, redeem the code 7PLPY4343Y4K in the iOS App Store. That will give you the app for free. Let me know what you think!
@spencer_milanak would love to demo as well since I have narcolepsy. Could be interesting! Thanks!
@sethlitwack Hey Seth, use the code XM3P6A9NAXTR if you want to demo in the iOS App Store. Let me know what you think!
@spencer_milanak This might be the best idea for a backup alarm ever. I would love a code also.
Same here! How does it know if I'm still asleep or out of bed/awake?
@mbrwolff It knows whether you're asleep, using either the step tracker feature built into your phone, or location services, you decide. If you choose steps, it will check whether you've taken at least the minimum number of steps that you set in the half hour before your alarm goes off. If you haven't, it assumes you're asleep. With location, you set a 'home' and a home radius, and if you're inside that home radius at the set time (like if you overslept and weren't on your way to work), it assumes you're asleep. Also, when you say same here, does that mean you want to demo the app? If so, I'll give you a code, but I just wanted to make sure.
Interesting. Would love to try.
@natwar86 If you want to demo it, use the code 6WR69W74XE7W to get it free. Let me know what you think!
Would love to give this a go, as my sleep self loves to turn off alarms rather than snooze.
@sallem5 Hey, sorry for the late reply! If you use the code ML33WMAAF3WH you'll get it for free. Would love to hear your feedback!