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#2 Product of the DayApril 17, 2019
Backlinks shows you the number of links pointing to any URL, for free. From total link count, to .edu and .gov links to even the exact number of unique referring domains, dive into your competitors' backlinks, fine tune the results and export to CSV.
  • Pros: 

    Well designed.


    A few false positives on no-followed links showing up.

    During my first search, the system presented several false positives on no-followed links. No doubt this tool has promise, but it still needs some work.

    Peter Askew has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Its a very robust platform, easy to use and most importantly free!


    extremely sophisticated reporting are still in development.

    Backlinks has similar functionalities to ahrefs and Majestic SEO, basically allow you to review and analyze your backlinks portfolio (and your competitors as well) and it also helps you search for good linkage opportunities. Whats good about it is that it's free and very very simple to use (like Ubersuggest), so in other words in very easy to use.

    Nadav Dakner has used this product for one week.
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Neil Patel
Neil PatelMaker@neilpatel
Thanks for hunting this Ben. I really appreciate the Product Hunt community sharing this as my goal is to help all startups with their SEO and I believe they shouldn't have to pay money to generate more traffic. If you are wondering what Backlinks does: 1. You can easily see who links to you or your competitors. This helps you figure what links you need to build to rank higher on Google. 2. Now link reports are integrated into Ubersuggest. You can see who links to a site's most popular pages. 3. You can see a site's domain score. Typically the higher the number the higher a site will rank. 4. You can filter links by almost anything you want. From anchor text to zones... you can drill down to the type of links you are interested in. This way you aren't spending hours trying to find new opportunities. Oh and if you use Ubersuggest on a regular basis, you may have to hard refresh or clear your cache to see the new Backlinks feature/report.
Gail Gardner
Gail Gardner@growmap · Small Business Marketing Strategist
@neilpatel Is there any way to show the actual significance of sites on domains like Medium, Weebly,, blogger, etc.? Or do you believe the high DAs those sites enjoy extends to content published on them?
Nadav Dakner
Nadav Dakner@nadavdakner
Woah... Another stellar tool from the creator of CrazyEgg & Kissmetrics :) I've actually tested Backlinks last week and found it very useful - it has similar functionalities to ahrefs only I also love the ease of use and "no clutter" interface where the results are in your face without needing to keep tabbing. Good stuff!
Neil Patel
Neil PatelMaker@neilpatel
@nadavdakner thanks for the kind words. My goal is to make SEO easy and affordable (free) for everyone. Especially startups.
Ben Jacobson
Ben Jacobson@osbennn · Marketing Strategy Consultant
Oh man -- yet another premium SEO tool feature unleashed by Neil Patel for free. Disrupt! 😏
Neil Patel
Neil PatelMaker@neilpatel
@osbennn I am trying. Just wait a few months for me to release the second version of the Backlinks tool. ;)
@osbennn @neilpatel can't wait to try it out!
Erik Emanuelli
Erik Emanuelli@erikemanuelli · ProBlogger
I just tested this tool for a couple of my sites and got new interesting data to work on. I liked the Top SEO Pages section and the SEO keywords tab gave me new content ideas. Bookmarked. I'll use it later with each of my websites. It's unusual to get something free, nowadays, so thank you for this handy tool @neilpatel !
Neil Patel
Neil PatelMaker@neilpatel
@erikemanuelli you're welcome. :)
David Leonhardt
David Leonhardt@amabaie · Presidnet, THGM
@neilpatel @erikemanuelli You'll have toi share with us what content you came up with, Eric.
Vikas Yadav
Vikas Yadav@vikas_yadav1
Very useful product. I am already using Ubersuggest for keyword research purpose from a long time. Adding this feature is a boon for us along with kW analysis as before I need to purchase the full premium version of ahrefs, semrush, long tail pro and what not, to go into the deep. Thanks! @neilpatel. P.S. I wonder on the off chance that you will keep this freemium perpetually, or monetize it in future with new pricing premium plans in order to utilize it further?
Neil Patel
Neil PatelMaker@neilpatel
@vikas_yadav1 goal is to keep it free and ideally not go freemium