An app for creating & sharing stories using short flipbooks

Backflip is 5 page stories.

I met @MironV on Reddit (internet friends yay!). Really like playing with Backflip, his new flipbook app. :)
@Josh_Goldstein Thanks so much for the kind words and for submitting!
Hey everyone, I'm one of the co-creators of Backflip (frontend guy) along with my friend @hmachalani. We built this app in our spare time over the last couple of months as an experiment guided by a simple observation: in 2014, it's really easy to take lots and lots of photos and videos with your phone, but people still only share one photo or video at a time on social networks. Instead, we wondered what if the unit of sharing was a collection--multiple photos and videos combined together? Would you be able to tell more complete and interesting stories? What are moments and ideas that are impossible to express with just a single photo or video? That's really how Backflip came about. You mix 2-5 photos or videos into a short flipbook, add some text to narrate your story, then share your flipbook with other people. We've had a private beta for some time (where we've already been seeing some really interesting and creative flipbooks which is cool) but only recently hit the app store. I'd greatly appreciate your feedback and critique on the concept and execution. I'll be in the comments to answer any questions!
Love this idea!
@syswarren Thank you, so glad you like it! If you have any feedback on the UI, I'd love to hear it. Always looking to improve.