Wonder together. DNA-based baby prediction for couples.

Discover and celebrate the genetic possibilities of you and your family. Dig deeper into what makes you who you are, how you compare to your partner, and what you might pass on to the generations to come.

BABYGlimpse uses a DNA sample (via saliva kit) from any two people, to project (using carefully curated scientific research) what baby will be

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Hey @cglode & @rtrunck, Can you tell us more about why people would want to use this?
@rtrunck @jacqvon Sure thing. Parents have an insatiable desire to learn about what their kids will be like. They spend countless hours speculating, doodling and discussing - will they have Mom's eyes? Be tall like Dad? Get Grandma's dimples? We can now guide this conversation using genetic data, from a simple DNA test kit you can do at home.
As scientific research uncovers more information about which SNPs cause which traits, will the app update that information for the users?
@subhashinim Yes, that is definitely part of the strategy, especially as we get a meaningful volume of users so we can start to research our own traits around fertility, conception, relationships, and babymaking :)
Ooooh, this is interesting. Crazy idea: Tinder integration to awkwardly predict baby traits for new matches (cc @jmj @BrianNorgard).
@jmj @briannorgard @rrhoover which would imply they release an API to integrate third parties! That rocks!
@jmj @briannorgard @rrhoover Thanks Ryan...that would be cool! "Baby steps"... appreciate you stopping by and let us know if you want to try it, we can send you a free kit.
@cglode I appreciate that. Dropping you a note now! :)
@rrhoover @cglode It’d actually work in cultures that have arranged marriages! There’s probably a sizable market that’s ready to pay for DNA tests, but you may have to entice them with more than justeye or hair color
@rrhoover @subhashinim What traits do you think they'd want to see? Thanks for the idea!
Its an amazing product with the implementation of wonderful idea.