B2B LinkedIn content marketing

A 14 step guide to acquire and nurture leads on Linkedin

When it comes to Linkedin marketing, most B2B marketers always think about paid ads.

What if there was a way to acquire and nurture leads without spending a dime on ads?

This is where Linkedin Content Marketing comes into play in a 14 step process.

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Hey there meow’ers 😻! First of all, we'd like to thank @alexd for hunting us again! Andrei and I are super happy to be back after launching our first successful GDPR proof B2B guide on Producthunt (https://www.producthunt.com/post...). When it comes to LinkedIn Marketing most B2B marketers always think about spending money on ads. But what if there was a way to acquire high-quality leads without spending a dime on ads? This is where LinkedIn Content Marketing comes into play. LinkedIn Content Marketing is all about acquiring and nurturing your target audience with relevant content to close them when they are ready to buy from you. Exactly what this book is all about. What makes this book so different compared to others? We have spent hours of work dissecting the process with our clients to get your from A to B, without holding any secrets. In fact, this is the step by step process you’ll be following to acquire and nurture high-quality B2B leads on Linkedin: 1. A brief introduction to Social Selling. 2. Defining and focussing on your target market segment. 3. Creating an ideal customer profile. 4. Creating a scalable content plan for LinkedIn. 5. Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile. 6. Setting a baseline of your social profile against your current followers. 7. Understanding the 4 psychological factors that will hold you back to get started. 8. Copywriting rules to follow on LinkedIn. 9. Understanding the LinkedIn Algorithm. 10. Picking the right software to create and distribute your content. 11. Building the right audience on LinkedIn. 12. Using LinkedIn Pods to increase your reach. 13. Engaging with your target audience in private messages. 14. Writing your first post. A process that will help you understand and make those very first steps that are needed to succeed. This is the feedback we got of 2 of the 20 people that we invited for proofreading the book: “As a B2B marketing professional and business owner, I’m always interested in learning about how to reach and connect with prospective customers. LinkedIn has long been the “go to” for business professionals, but there isn’t much comprehensive training to help salespeople and marketers learn how to do it the right (effective) way. This e-book delivers exactly that! It’s a step-by-step guide that is easy to read, simple to understand and most importantly...actionable! The authors give great examples and tell you how to take advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer. It’s a must-read for anyone in a B2B leadership, sales, and marketing role” - Stacey Danheiser, CEO Shake Marketing Group Social selling has been a very popular word lately. It's not a surprise, that like any trend, it is exploited, which can be seen on Linkedin. Usually, the results are terrible. You can almost sense some dishonesty going on in your feed. That's because people are looking for quick wins and not for a strategy or changing own behavior. This book teaches you differently. It shows you, that being human and being natural are the two principles that get you anywhere. So, my recommendation is "read it, follow the rules, share your story and get the best possible outcome". - Marek Kich CEO at X-Coding IT Studio We’ll be around to answer any questions you have about the book or Linkedin itself. :) Let's close more deals.
@alexd @ricardo_ghekiere Hello, I have filled my information 2 times and not yet received the ebook, I have also checked spam folder, is there any other way to get it?

Not so many marketers & entrepreneurs are taking advantage of using LinkedIn for inbound efforts. This guide will be absolutely game-changer for many. Strongly recommended!


Many insider tips



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Hey guys! 👋 For every B2B Founder and Marketer who’s trying to grow a company through Linkedin, this is probably the last guide you’ll ever read. It explains exactly how to: Understand if LinkedIn inbound is a channel that fits your business to acquire leads. The exact same steps you need to follow to generate high-quality leads from LinkedIn through inbound marketing in a systematic and proven way. How to use LinkedIn inbound as a scalable and long-term channel for your company to grow. The best part? They are highly structured in 14 easy to follow steps to implement. The e-book is free to download and is pure gold if you are a Founder, Marketer or Salesperson in a B2B environment. Go ahead and download it! Cheers!
@alexd Where can I access this guide? I didn't find anything there.

If your new into LinkedIn or just want to grow that Channel, get this book! :)

You get so many actionable ideas out of it that you can use right away.

No matter how much you work with LinkedIn, theres something new in it for everyone.


Great lenght to go trough. Many ideas, examples and statistics



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Thank you so much, Jens! Your comments helped making the book much better!
Could not recommend and Ricardo and Andrei's work more! These are guys are bad-asses in digital field. Was looking forward to this! Whether an entrepreneur, marketer or you just want to up your B2B game, this is definitely a must-read for you. But don't take my word for it! Download the book Gain knowledge Implement strategies Profit $$$
@sk_dub thank you for your loving support m8! Process before tactics all the way :)
@sk_dub thank you so much! You always make me flush.