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The most recurring question we get in our B2B Marketers & Founders Facebook Group is how to find, qualify, and convert high quality B2B leads. A question we knew more people out there were pondering on. A question which is now solved.

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Hey there meow’ers 😻! First of all, we'd like to thank @alexd for hunting us! Guillaume, Andrei, James, Angelo and I are super happy to be here :). The most recurring question we get in our B2B Marketers & Founders Facebook Group is how to find, qualify, and convert high-quality B2B leads. A question we knew more people out there were pondering on. Since we all knew GDPR is coming to the world we decided to not write about the short-term hacks, but rather focus on the long-term strategies. These are the 7 GDPR Proof guides you’ll receive today, absolutely free: 1. Side Project Marketing: The complete guide to find, qualify and convert high quality leads with side project marketing in a processed way. 2. B2B sales Funnels: The Definitive Guide on how to create high-conversion B2B sales funnels (templates + examples) 3. Outbound 3.0: A step by step process to automate your outreach on LinkedIn / Twitter / Email. 4. B2B Podcasts: A 26-step process on how to start a podcast for a B2B brand 5. Facebook chatbots: The Ultimate Guide to Messenger Marketing & Facebook Chatbots. 6. Ideal Customer Profile: The step by step guide to creating your Ideal Customer Profile for B2B companies. 7. 31 simple, yet brilliant lead generation techniques to supercharge your sales pipeline You don’t really need to believe us, these are the words of a couple of B2B Marketers & Founders just like you: "These guides are great for anyone seeking a bigger lens to marketing! Well structured and replete with the why’s and the how’s of strategies vs. listing out a laundry list of tactics, these guides are a clear demonstration of the depth of experience and wealth of knowledge of a diverse range of people who have gotten their hands dirty in many aspects of B2B. Comprehensive, practical and easy to follow, I’d put these into the hands of my team and level up our marketing!" - Caryne Say, Pype.ly - SaaS Marketing for B2B tech startups "Really detailed work about a topic that isn't much discussed. Nice to read about some alternative marketing techniques" - James Farrier, Founder Appsurify “These guides have been a big change in all my strategy. After reading this ebook I started reviewing my internal strategy and in the next days we are going to implement them.” Luis Saldado, CEO Pointfull In the meantime, we'll be around all day to answer your questions :) Would love to hear your feedback! Love ❤️ Ricardo, Angelo, Andrei, Guillaume, Gaetano, James
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@alexd @ricardo_ghekiere Could you share some examples where in-house podcasts have generated growth for B2B companies? I typically think of podcasts as a B2C channel.
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@ricardo_ghekiere @abadesi I think a good exemple is Chartmogul. Maybe @Mr_ed can give us more feedbacks.
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@ricardo_ghekiere @abadesi Thanks @alexd! Podcasts absolutely can be valuable in B2B. The bottom line is this: If your target user base is there, then it's relevant for you to exist there too. Having said that, I don't think you can expect to use podcasts as a "classical" lead gen channel for capturing leads and driving measurable growth with a concrete ROI. It's a highly personal medium that's great for building a highly-engaged recurring audience with strong awareness for your brand. Think of it as a branding & engagement exercise. Honestly, I think this is the best way to approach most content today. For ChartMogul, I see it as 100% relevant to build a podcast audience, and further our goal of educating people about metrics and sustainable growth!
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Brb having a seizure from your thumbnail 😂
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@evankimbrell It should come with a warning 😂
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Hunters/Makers should go easy on the GIF attacks.
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@evankimbrell @abadesi Hahaha, keeping that in mind for our next launch. Warning: this thumbnail might give you a seizure
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Judging my the authors, I have no doubt this guide will be super actionable and 🔥.
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Thank you for these awesome words!
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@jhb thanks a lot for your kind words!
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@jhb Thank you Jonathan!!
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It is truly a guide through "marketing jungles" for every entrepreneur and B2B marketers. Highly recommended! Just read, implement and grow the list of your high-quality leads!


Very clear step-by-step-guide how to get high quality leads.


I have not found yet

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Thanks a lot, Victoria. Much appreciated!
Thank you for the kind words! :)
Know authors, these guys are super awesome, so this book (I'm sure is a pure gold), Thanks a lot guys!
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@ilya_azovtsev Thanks for the support!
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@ilya_azovtsev thanks a lot for your kind words! Much appreciated!
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Thanks for the kind words @ilya_azovtsev 😊
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