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#3 Product of the DayDecember 14, 2018

B12’s new website editor is the best of both worlds: powerful enough for web experts to create bespoke website designs, while simple enough for customers to edit various parts of their website in just one click. Our goal is to create a website editor you’ll actually use.

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Hey, Product Hunt! Today marks the official launch of B12’s website editor 2.0! Three years ago, we built the initial version of our website editor as a tool for experts to launch high-quality websites for our customers as quickly as possible. After working with tens of thousands of customers, we often heard that they also wanted access to the B12 website editor. That brings us to version 2.0 of the B12 website editor, which is available now. The new B12 website editor is both powerful enough for web experts to create custom website designs and simple enough for customers to edit parts of their website in just one click. With these updates, B12 now offers three ways to launch and maintain your website simply and seamlessly: • First, our algorithms automate the rote aspects of web design to give your website the strongest possible starting point. Specifically, algorithms choose a relevant structure, theme, text, and images to serve as the foundation of your custom website. • Second, you can do it yourself. Our new editing experience makes it incredibly simple for you to perform routine updates to your website, like updating its content or adding a new section. • Finally, we can do it for you. With the click of a button, you can work with an experienced design expert to add complex integrations and build out your site to align with your business goals. Our goal is for customers to be able to create their website their way by taking advantage of some or all of the approaches we offer. Take a look and let us know your thoughts! Please leave a comment with any questions or feedback. Thanks, Daniela and Kainar
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This is very cool. Addressing a pain point that refuses to go away despite so many efforts over the last 30 years!
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@kartikparija Thanks so much, we agree!!
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Isn't this very pricy at $249 per month to have a proper website?
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@danirogerc Thanks for your question! We offer several plans, which start at $29/month (though it is free to try us out!) With each of our plans, we add in additional products to help our customers grow their businesses online. For example, with the $249 plan, you get our human-assisted AI pro SEO product, which includes on page optimization, business listings across dozens of business pages and an SEO optimized piece of content for your blog each month.
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Great job!! 😊 How’s does AI helps in this , want some clarity on it? Thanks 😊
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@ayush_chandra Thanks for your question! AI permeates the entire B12 experience: signup > editing > monthly recommendations. Any time you add a section to your website, B12’s algorithms populate it with content based on the needs of that particular section, your industry, and your website structure. Instead of waiting for you to pick out a template, stock photos, and write text from scratch, algorithms automatically generate a relevant design theme, copy, and images. During the signup process, if algorithms find appropriate text or imagery on your old website or social media, they’ll use those instead. B12’s algorithms are meant to give you a head start when building your site, but any and all content is modifiable. AI allows us to create the first draft of your website in about one minute so you can launch in just one week. After you launch your website, AI determines areas for improvement based on key metrics and sends you a monthly email with recommendations meant to boost your site’s performance.
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