Keeping your website at its best is hard. B12 Recommendations makes it easy! A B12 expert team powered by software reviews your website each month and suggests ways it can improve. Accept any recommendation sent with one click, and B12 updates your website for you! 🙌

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Daniel Haas
Tech lead at B12. AI + people = magic
Hi Product Hunt! I’ve spent the last few months at B12 working on our Recommendations product, and we’re excited to launch it today! At B12, we use human-assisted A.I. to build websites for our customers. Launching a website is just the beginning, however. Businesses grow, web design standards change, and new tools become available. We believe the best websites are designed iteratively and are always improving, and we wanted to build a product that helped every business make sure their website lived up to its full potential. B12 Recommendations sets out to do exactly that. Every month, a team of B12 design experts makes three personalized recommendations to improve each of our customers’ websites. To make this work at scale, we’ve designed algorithms to automatically suggest great recommendations and built power tools to help experts customize them. The recommendations range from design suggestions to content optimizations to help you grow your business. Requesting any of these improvements takes just one click! Take a look and let us know what you think! If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment here. Thanks!