Azure - Machine Learning

Powerful cloud-based predictive analytics, ML as a Service

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Anil Celik
Anil Celik@acelik · Entrepreneur
I've been using it for a couple of weeks now. As a non-coder, Azure ML outperforms Rapid Miner in terms of UX and low learning curve. Surprised to see lack of interest.
Atakan Cetinsoy
Atakan Cetinsoy@atakan_cetinsoy
@acelik Hi Anil, have you tried BigML? I think you'll find it a smoother experience. Btw. I work there.
Anil Celik
Anil Celik@acelik · Entrepreneur
@atakan_cetinsoy Hi Atakan, no, I haven't had the chance to try that yet. Do you want to make a presentation about BigML in our data science group based in Istanbul?
Joe Filcik
Joe Filcik@jfilcik · Writer, Product Manager
Just used this product to do some pretty sophisticated clustering ML on 100k lines of data. Worked nicely and integrates with R so I'll use that to go further.