AWS CodeDeploy

Automates code deployments to Amazon EC2

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Manuel WeissCo-Founder, Codeship
We (@Codeship) have been working with AWS CodeDeploy as a launch partner and they've made sure that getting started is really easy. Here's a use case: Consider an infrastructure that consists of a Rails application for communicating with the users and a Scala service for background processing that the Rails application uses. You would create one Application in AWS CodeDeploy and different Deployment Groups for the Rails and Scala codebase so you can deploy them individually. These Deployment Groups will target different instances typically identified by special tags you set on those instances. With Codeship you can add AWS CodeDeploy to an existing deployment pipeline for a branch and are ready to go. You can read more here:
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Mike Coutermarsh
Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub
AWS just released this today. Allows you to automate rolling deployments across your EC2 instances. Look's like an alternative to using capistrano. There are a ton of other products in this space. Interesting to see AWS launch something on their own. Also, it's FREE.
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