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Awesummly is AI powered news summary app for 30+ international languages. We recently launched for india and would be expanding soon.

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Hi Guys, I am very excited to launch Awesummly on Producthunt. Please show your love. Android App:
@farooq_adam Coming soon next month. please stay in touch :)
So this is exactly like Summly, using almost the same name and same algorithm, but 4 years later?
@thebarbican19 Summly used to summrise for only english language. Our Tech is capable of summarising almost every international language. You may say Awesummly is an awesome version of summly :)
Hey, seems to be a good app, but how is it different from inshorts? @geekymishnit Does this app add more features or is an improvement over inshorts?
@abhij89 inshorts guys summarise articles manually while Awesummly uses AI rather than manpower :) As per Yourstory, recent article ( Awesummly's AI powered news summary quality is in par with that of inshorts. ;)
@abhij89 @geekymishnit That well said from a tech view! But, How it impacts reader consumption as long as we are getting served news in short no matter it's coming from AI or HI
@abhij89 @dynamicraunak You can listen news summaries one after another automatically while driving rather reading all of them :) PS: You would love the Quality of speech in Hindi specially. Try it once.
@abhij89 @dynamicraunak No other short news app in India can provide a wide diversity of rich content along with realtime summaries. Moreover, you can subscribe any topic or person of your choice across the globe. You won't miss any news of your interest :)
Hi guys, you can check out our latest video regarding Awesummly features here: