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Me and Google Hangouts have a love/hate relationship. It's great when it works but sometimes the simple process of setting up a video call is so much work.
Hey everyone, I'm co-founder of Awesometalk. We're trying to free people of the time and effort (and signing up for G+/Skype) that it takes to get from wanting to speak to someone to actually seeing them. We think the service should get out of your way so you have a simple and meaningful connection. Please let us know how it works for you and what we can do to improve your experience! Just email us at
As mentioned in my tweet yesterday – had a brilliant first interaction with Awesometalk chatting with Matt. In the past 24 hours, I've already changed my behavior and started naturally replacing Google Hangouts and Skype with it. I work remotely with my teams on The Fetch and CloudPeeps so this seems like the perfect solution! :)
Awesome talk is just that, awesome. Frictionless, on-demand video chat has potential. Nice work @mattinsler
Very cool. Reminds me of, which I used once and was really impressed. I gotta say, it's really nuts how effing hard it is to get my parents on Google Hangouts. Never doing it again.