Awesome Screenshot (iOS)

Screenshot & annotate w/ this extension for Safari on iOS 8

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Great use case of iOS 8's new extensions feature. Example:
@rrhoover I used to love this so much for Chrome and for some reason it stopped working for me. Maybe it's different now and I should check it out again.
@nikkielizdemere I was using the chrome extension and when I was having some hanging issues and experimented by removing some of the extensions, this one turned out to be a problem. And it turns out they were having some complaints about malware. Didn't dive into it, just want back to using Evernote.
@SacBookReviewer Evernote allows you to take the full screenshot?
@nikkielizdemere Its done almost the same job as Awesome Screenshot. I had a problem with hover content I needed to capture and it wouldn't do that. And it won't go up to the tabs, so if you need full screenshots including that, it won't help. I'm open to suggestions on anything else that does the job and lets me annotate on the fly. I really did like Awesome Screenshot until I started having problems and it seemed to be the culprit. (And I don't know if the malware accusations were correct. Didn't dive into in enough to get a feel for it. @pomajp )
@SacBookReviewer Thanks for all the info. Solid.
I know this is re: the Chrome Extension, but it's by the same guy. So...thoughts? Edit: This is kinda what @sacbookreviewer was talking about, i think.
Awesome Screenshot for Chrome had major malware issues, and their implemented fix buried the opt-out. Not going to touch this one until there is some clarity on their data collection practices. see:
@morganb There were some non-personal anonymous data collection about ads clicking before. It helps to generate some revenue to support the team. However, we stop the practice now
Maker here. We'd love to hear your comments and improve the product.