Awesome Bots

Biggest list of available resources from the bots/AI world.

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Hey guys, Vasili from BotCube is here! Excited to finally share this with PH community! 🌟 We crafted literally ALL USEFUL INFORMATION about bots in one repo on Github - Awesome Bots 🤖 ❤️ There you can find everything related to bots world from tools for development, marketing, analytics for bots to the events, books, influencers and newsletters. I hope it will be helpful for many newcomers and can bring a lot of value to the community :) We’ve decided to put it on Github so feel free to share it with your friends by clicking ‘star’ button and also create new pull requests if you think that something is missing. We really appreciate your help, thanks! 💪
Been using this for a week or two now and it has saved me a ton of time - nice job!
@ajag thanks, appreciate that!