Awesome Boss

Everything you need to engage, recognize & reward your team

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To be completely honest, the landing page doesn't make it super obvious what the product does. Your description in the comment above is more clear to me, @bjschone. The push alerts for important events (birthdays, anniversaries) is useful alone. Granted I've only thought about this for 60 seconds but it might be more effective to focus on that aspect of the product and use visuals to efficiently communicate to drive by browsers. Just a thought.
@rrhoover - Good call, Ryan. We'll make some adjustments to the language on the home page to make it clearer. Thanks! Appreciate the feedback.
I mean, who doesn't want to be an awesome boss? If you have (a big) staff, you need this :) @bjschone can answer all your questions!
Hi everyone, I created Awesome Boss to make it easier for managers to engage, recognize, and retain their employees. Awesome Boss provides: Text message and email reminders to help you remember employee birthdays and work anniversaries, private employee profiles to help managers remember the "little" details about their team members (e.g., favorite coffee, spouse's name, etc.), and coaching cue cards to help with employee conversations. Several new features will be launched in the coming weeks! Over 500 managers have signed up from ~15 countries and we've got lots of momentum. If you manage a team, sign up to become an Awesome Boss!
Awesome product. Now I just need someone to make me a boss so I can use it :)