Beautiful, direct-to-consumer luggage

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Really like the idea (and price point) of this, but having trouble finding any interior photos - anywhere we can see a few photos of the charger, lining, laundry bag, etc?
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@donaldhruska Hi Donald! We hear you, stay tuned for interior images VERY soon!
@donaldhruska Looks like they finally added an interior image:
The design is lovely & definitely beats the pants visually off my Briggs & Riley set. However, as a frequent traveller, B&R's lifetime guarantee was a big factor in my decision to purchase. Good luggage is an investment - function & longevity matter! I didn't see any warranty info on the pre-order page; digging through the site's terms & conditions I saw a reference to a warranty but still couldn't find the full text. What kind of customer service & warranty are you providing for your bags? Does it cover even the built-in battery (which is a really neat idea but likely more susceptible to failure than the rest of the roll-on)? And if you are standing behind your product with a strong warranty, why not emphasize it on the product page?
@ecetweets We're fully standing behind our product with a lifetime warranty on the bag, a two-year warranty on the built-in battery and a 100-day no-questions-asked return policy. It's not something we've emphasized on the product page just yet—there will be a lot more detail on our full site—but it's a good call; we're going to put some more info up shortly!
@jennifer that's great to hear! Definitely think it's worth emphasizing on both product page & throughout site as it's a key decision-making factor. Congrats on the pre-launch!
Away started taking pre-orders of their new luggage brand and I have to say, it rivals Rimowa (one of the high end brands in the space) or Briggs & Reilly. Really excited to see this come to life and great to see @jennifer back in the operator role during her time at Warby Parker!
@daveambrose ARGH, I want my roll-on NOWWWWWW, @jennifer and @stephkorey!! Congrats on the official launch!
@daveambrose Thanks for your support, Dave! It's been an incredible day so far. And hi @pe_feeds!
@jennifer congratulations on launching! I'm immediately sold -- clean design, solid price point, good color options. If you're looking for some press coverage, feel free to reach out and we can support!
I've been waiting for a case just like this. Nailed it! Will you open up pre-orders to non-US residents?
@marty Hi Marty! Thanks for the kind words. I wish we could open pre-orders to international shipping, but we're just not set up for it yet. Hopefully in 2016!
Any timeline/reason for not using https? Went to order and noticed page wasn't secured.
@dantolb Hey Daniel, Away's payments are being processed via an iframe served from Tilt/Open (I work there), which is using SSL to transmit sensitive card info, so while the webpage isn't secure using HTTPS, the payments are.