A simple, beautiful sleep assistant for iPhone

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What's different with Awaken that would make me want to go from Pillow, my regular sleep tracker, to this?
Hi Product Hunt, «Awaken» can help you to have a healthier and more productive life by being fully integrated into your day to manage your sleep. We created an app that can help you accomplish more and be healthier by managing your sleep in the simplest possible way. Now, you don’t need to spend a lot of your energy and time to setup everything. Native and intelligent user interface can help you in time savings. So, you can spend this productive time achieving success and happiness in your life. With «Awaken» you can: - Boost your productivity and effectiveness - Manage your sleep in an innovative way - Live a healthy lifestyle
@lunyovdenis thank you, Denis!
I would love to hear about anyone's experience using this app from day to day. How do you predict when users need a cup of coffee? Is that based on any science?
@pyritedotco It's based on your personal data and researches about the affect of different substances on your sleep.
@e_kzntsv Good to know you have some research to back it up! It might be helpful for you to be more transparent about what that research is, because it's a really cool idea. Generalizing the functionality of your app could do more harm than good in this space.
What a nice colors! Great design