An AI meeting assistant with conversation intelligence

An AI Meeting Assistant, Collaboration and Intelligence platform for Sales and Customer Success teams.
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Thanks a ton @kevin for hunting us. 🙏 Hi Product Hunt 👋, I'm Aditya, co-founder of Avoma, along with my co-founders @albertlai and @swargalok. In case you're wondering, Avoma is an acronym for “A Very Organized Meeting Assistant” 😊. We have been working on Avoma for the last 2.5 years in beta, so finally excited to share its public availability with you all and looking forward to hearing your valuable feedback. If you're wondering, "why another meeting assistant and transcription service?", we hear you. Let me share why we were still not satisfied with what’s out there in the market so finally decided to solve it the way we are seeing the future. In nutshell, Avoma provides 3 key solutions in one experience: 1. End-to-end AI Meeting Assistant: for individual participants 2. Conversation Intelligence: for managers and leaders 3. Seamless Collaboration: for cross-functional teams 1. End-to-end AI Meeting Assistant 🤖 In real life, you wouldn’t hire 3-4 different Executive Assistants for note-taking, coaching, etc., then why use 3-4 different AI Assistants? So our vision is to provide the most comprehensive AI meeting assistant to automate low-value tasks and augment high-value tasks across the meeting’s end-to-end lifecycle. Another issue with most of the other services was, they promised “stop taking notes” but provided either Transcription or manually triggered bookmarks. From day 1, we never believed AI will replace 100% of the note-taking. We believe, with the best blend of “Human intelligence” and “Artificial intelligence”, you can capture the most meaningful insights from meetings. So we were the first to provide manual note-taking experience along with actual AI-generated notes with the Transcript, Video Recording, etc. in the same solution. 2. Conversation Intelligence 📈 While it’s valuable to help end-users (participants) to provide an assistant to make their meetings more “efficient”, we also believe there is also a lot of value in analyzing conversations at an aggregate level. With these insights, managers and leaders can learn trends and help them make their meetings more “effective”. On one hand, other Note-taking/Transcription providers didn’t provide aggregated insights, and on the other hand, the other Conversation Intelligence providers didn’t provide end-user focused meeting assistant functionality. They were too focused on providing keyword-based Analytics, which really didn’t improve end-users’ workflow. We feel these are the 2 sides of the same coin. Both meeting participants, as well as their managers and leaders, should find the solution equally valuable. Also, since other Conversation Intelligence solutions are too focused on Sales Coaching, we didn’t see they are scalable to other parts of the organizations (Product Management, UX Research) if other team members want AI meeting assistant without Sales Coaching functionality. We don’t believe in the future where there are more siloed solutions for different teams. 3. Seamless Collaboration 👩‍💻 And finally, while AI-Assistant and Intelligence is great, we also observed that there is still a lot of collaboration happen around meetings in other places (Slack, Email, Call, In-person) after the meeting is done. So we cannot ignore cross-functional team members who are not part of meetings but are required to provide information for questions asked during the meeting or to review and learn information discussed in the meeting. So we’re making it easier and faster to share and collaborate around meeting artifacts (Notes, Transcript, Recording, Coaching Insights, etc.) in the same platform. Final Thoughts 📝 While we have worked really hard for the last 2.5 years to get to this stage, there is still a lot to do to make this vision a reality. We will love to hear your candid feedback that will help us iterate and achieve our vision sooner. We'll be around answering your questions and provide additional context, so feel free to comment here or email me directly at aditya@avoma.com. Special Discount 💵 We would like to offer the Product Hunt community a special discount: • Use coupon code PH20OFF before 29th Feb 2020. • Get 20% OFF for the first-year subscription - Monthly or Yearly (already has 20+% OFF) • The discount is only available for the first 100 subscribers, so you might want to hurry!
I’m a huge fan of Avoma. It allows me and my team to be focused, engaged and organized in meetings with peace of mind none of the details from the discussion will fall through the cracks. I used Avoma when I was consulting, and now in my current capacity as a remote employee at a startup. Our entire team use Avoma to share insights from important meetings and collaborate on projects. It’s a highly effective, simple tool that I recommend to everyone who spends a lot of time in meetings!
@emiliejohnson Thanks @Emilie for kind words! 🙏 And great to hear how it was helping you when you were just a single user Vs now as a team.
Happy @user here! really high quality product, good transcription, great integrations, etc.
Thanks @arieldiaz for the feedback! 🙏 I can see why you felt such a stark difference especially when you switched from a fellow competitor. Stay tuned in this year for more awesome enhancements as the team has grown 2x now!
@arieldiaz Thanks for being an early adopter, Ariel!
Avoma has helped me and my team on countless demo calls. I was surprised at how often a key element would be missed during discovery. Moreover, 2 people often have different interpretations of important client issues. Avoma solves these problems. In addition my AEs can now focus on listening intently to our prospects instead of trying to take notes and listen at the same time. Aditya has been very helpful and has shared some key best practices to help me get the most from their service.
Thanks @bijay_mathew for believing us since early days!🙏 I still remember the day when you were thinking if you would need this functionality, and once you tried it, you didn't go back, and in fact the usage grew across the entire organization! We're still early in our execution, and excited with this launch so we can continue launch more innovations at a rapid pace now.
@bijay_mathew Nothing like accurate data to clarify confusion and misinterpretations. Glad to know we were able to help your team!
I used Avoma at 2 different companies. It helped me stay up to date with my current deals as well as share some great wins while onboarding new team members. Congrats to the team for the official launch on Product Hunt.
Thanks @ilya_ginzburg1! 🙏 Repeat usage is what we strive for. Nothing trumps than having our members continue using it when they switch between jobs. We still have a lot to do, but excited to hear your experience so far!
@ilya_ginzburg1 Thank you for bringing us along in your journey!