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I think someone should build a couple app that is more focused on running a household and less on communication. Things like keeping the apartment stocked with supplies/food, how far my significant other is from me/home, what's for dinner, grocery shopping lists, etc...
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@mwseibel Agreed. People don't have issues communicating right now. House coordination is a much more relevant problem.
@mwseibel @blainehatab So we started with the idea of "come for the utility, stay for the delight" we focused on cohabiting and collaborating couples to help them organize households. Our simple lists and calendar features keep couples on the same page, with the integration into the messages feed, so no one ever misses a thing. I think there is too much emphasis placed on messaging here, because most of the other couple apps primarily focus on communication. But we see ourselves more like google apps for couples.
@jenna google apps for couples - I like that!
I've seen a few of these products (i.e. https://couple.me/). Me and my wife used the app that Couple.me acquired but it was difficult to build into a habit once we both had iMessage, email and a joint calendar. My problem with these apps is that they attempt to do **everything**. Messaging, photo sharing, calendar, location, moments etc etc — when actually they should attempt to do the one thing that either can't be replicated by other services or create that special moment/connection.
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@itsleesimpson It's definitely a tough challenge to change a behaviour and add a new messaging app into the mix.
@itsleesimpson agree with you Lee. As the private sharing space grew the products at the centre of it seemed to replicate each other quite a bit. The biggest problem is churn. Most couples will try it out but most move on and revert back to what they used before. When we built the original Cupple back in 2011 my favourite story was a couple who used the app to just share photos of their kids everyday. That's what I would call a special connection. P.s thanks for using the original ;)
With someone you like the habit of communicating is more spontaneous so it's more difficult to select one way only to communicate. The market for one on one silo apps are divorced couples since you want to wall off your life but still have a way to communicate. Greater need since it matches a behavior that is ridged, not spontaneous. Maybe call it "Cactus" and have a calendar geared towards child visit days that checks external calendars, conflict resolution journal, alimony reminders....it could be very specific and the X's wall off each other from the rest of their lives.
I tried this as a replacement for Couple but found the lack of stickers to be a big downside. My wife and I use the stickers for status updates and to quick reply on messages. The design is great though and something about it makes me want to use it instead.
@jameskoole are grownups actually using stickers beyond the simple emojis? I thought it was 100% a thing for pre-teens and some groups of Asian people where bling bling is popular.
@jameskoole @kimschulz I would suggest you are incorrect.
Also, "Avocado" comes from "Aguacatl" in Nahuatl language, which means "testicle" because of how they hang from the trees. Just wanted to add this random fact. <3 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avo...