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Friday night, stayed in, bottle of wine and built this. Its just a fun way to be able to access all of the awesome content @fredwilson has written over the years - you can read his posts as a message, subscribe to get notified of new posts and there is also an interesting feature for chat rooms This lets up to 200 people chat together around certain topics/posts - thought it was interesting so I put it in. Its very basic but does the job, I usually add emojis and a bit more 'fluff' to make it nicer, I may do this if I get any time today but as for now, does the job - also I need to add the rest of the topics. They are all on there, just not linked yet. Let me know what you think
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Good job. I think in the world of celebrity bots, VC's are a better bet right now, mostly because you have a target audience that will appreciate both the medium (a bot) and the content so if you trigger alerts for new stories, maybe funding announcements you will see great engagement. BTW I didn't know it was a bot until I clicked through.
@joshbarkin yeah totally Maybe that was intentional ;)
Yeah I'm getting interested in bots for things like this. Curated content, discovery on demand. Nice job. What wine were you drinking when you made it?
@sacbookreviewer cheers Ross, definitely think its interesting as content consumption Some cheap Malbec ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Looks good Ben ๐Ÿ‘ Is this made with Chatfuel? I like the chat room idea, not seen that in a chatbot before
@marsh931 yeh always make it with chatfuel. The chatroom was quite an interesting format I thought. something I explored