AVA Byte

Automatically grow year-round herbs, tomatoes, and more

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Hi ProductHunt,, We are excited to share AVA Byte!! AVA Byte is a smart garden that helps plantkillers become master gardeners. It works like Nespresso machines, except instead of coffee pods we have a plant pod with nutrients, seeds, and a soil-less growth material packed into one. What is unique and extremely cool about our garden is that we are growing gourmet edible plants like rare herbs, leafy greens, fruits, veggies, but even microgreens and mushrooms. All in the same device! Enabled by AI, with additional HD camera for time lapse and wall mount to save your counter-top space, AVA Byte is the world's first truly smart garden that is so simple, it must be magic. We are live on indiegogo! Pre-Orders available now. ProductHunt Discount: https://www.indiegogo.com/projec... Lets Grow, Usman
@usman_maqsood I've been seeing this everywhere, great marketing! Is it possible to grow strawberries using this??
@_davisnz Thank you so much and yes you can!!!!
@_davisnz Absolutely! Strawberries, tomatoes, herbs, microgreens and much more...
I love how well this product is designed and how well all the aspects are thought out. This is truly the ultimate smart garden that helps anyone become a master gardener. Enjoy :)
@hhkingofcontent Thank you Hussein for hunting us!
Fantastic work AVA team!
hey @usman_maqsood, congrats for the launch, the design is super cool, well done! I'm an happy owner of Click and Grow so I'm curious to know how exactly do you guys differ from them? Also I'm curious to know how exactly AVA Byte uses AI?
@lorenzobruno Hi, Thank you so much for the appreciation! So what AVA Byte is : - It is soil-free. - it has biodegradable pods. - It is an IOT based connected product that connects to your phone. - It has environmental (temperature, Humidity) and light sensors on it to monitor in what environment you are growing your plants in and you can see the data on your phone. - And there is an additional camera that can be attached to the ava byte to see how your plants are doing remotely from anywhere and you can create time lapse videos on it. On the AI side: - We get the data from the ava byte from sensor and pictures from the camera and monitor how you are growing the plants and provide you with recommendations on what you can grow and how you can grow the plants.
@lorenzobruno @usman_maqsood Hey Lorenzo! :) 1) Full-sized plants - You'll notice that Click & Grow has a height restriction, so the plants grown are much smaller. With ours you can grow all the full size plants, and because we have irrigation and lighting technology, you'll see much faster, healthier growth. 2) Variety - we can grow microgreens and mushrooms in the system as well. First system to be able to do all of these delicious things! 3) Smart Tech/AI - we use aspects of IoT, environmental sensors, and data collection to create different "growth recipes" - a combination of lighting, watering, and nutrient schedules. Over time and with more data points, we're able to improve and recommend better recipes!
Absolutely beautiful promo video 🙌 Congratulations on the launch, excited to see where you go from here!
@nickabouzeid Thank you so much and we are excited as well :)