Making conversations accessible for the deaf


Adrien Montcoudiol
@adrienm · Mangrove cofounder
I met Thibault 3 years ago. He was just getting started with his vision of making communications between deaf & hearing people easier. The 1st project was a glove that would translate gestures into text, and today there's this app that can litterally change the life of 400 million deaf & hard-of-hearing people in the world 🙌 His story is incredible… See more
Ceci Mourkogiannis
@cecimetropolis · Founder, @Pie
I'm inspired by this team's commitment to solving problems faced by millions every day. I'd love to hear more about how you developed and tested the product during your beta.
Jon Lay
@jon_lay · Founder at hanno.co
I'm hard-of-hearing and I've been lucky enough to back this product right from the start with their IndieGoGo and help out the Ava team with some little design things here and there. It has come a long, long way since that initial alpha release! I'm so excited about where Ava can potentially go in the next few years as their team gets a little bit bigger (t… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Love this. Reminds me of Be My Eyes, an app to help the visually impaired see.
@cyrilpaglino · Building @HeyTribe
Beautiful mission. I've first heard about AVA and Thibaut last year, when my deaf Mum told me about it. She was friends of Thibault's Mum. I can thanks Thibault and his team enough for working on this issue that make life easier for 400M people, my mum included. This project needs support and visibility. Don't hesitate to spread the word !!!! Wish you the … See more