Smart email marketing automation for SaaS software and apps

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I'm so glad to see here this tool! I'm using Automizy for the marketing automation of my side project, and it works quiet well. Easy to use form and workflow editor, no-bs dashboards. Thanks guys!
@aszig Thank you very much, mate! :)
Hey fellow Hunters, Automizy helps SaaS companies (mobile or desktop apps) automate their lead nurturing, user onboarding and client retention emails. If you have questions about the software itself, please don't hesitate to ask here. Automizy has the following features: Automated emails based on your user's in-app activity Autoresponders for lead nurturing Bulk emails Split tests Email editor Lead Scoring
They are my favourite goto team when it comes to drip campaign for clients. We are about to start our own campaign with them and the most important thing is their outstanding support. I remember the first time we talked (chat) about email marketing. I realized everybody is doing it but nobody could explain what my goal should be and how to actually design it for my business (consulting in the range of 100k/project). This made the learning curve way easier and the recent UI updates makes life more simple. The icing on the cake is the AI driven timing of the follow-up emails which is something unique (at least I haven't seen anybody else doing it). I encourage you to pick their brains.
@akos_tolnai Thank you very much for your kind words! :)
So cool, congrats man!
@kolboidux Thanks a lot! :)
I'm a huge fan of Automizy and I recommend their tool to anyone trying to bring his e-mail marketing campaigns to the next level.