Accelerating testing automation for mobile, web & APIs

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Thanks @neerajt4 for hunting AutoMi. Hello Folks! We’re really excited to be featured on Product Hunt, and would love to discuss any thoughts or questions that you might have about AutoMi is your one stop shop for automating end to end web, mobile applications and APIs It enables automation of the overall testing life cycle by creating automation scripts on the fly based on user interaction and provides you with an ability to play it back. It is more than a record and play back tool and addresses limitations of traditional record and play back tools. It also provides a testing suite for easier Test Management, mid-stream stop and re-record, load multiple data sets without the need to re-record, cross platform and cross browser testing and many other features to make your entire testing process seamless and completely automated. Would love to hear back from you and i’ll be on Product Hunt all day today answering questions, so please ask away.
@gokul_palanisamy All the best! :)