Automatic Pro

A 3G adapter that makes any car a smarter, connected car

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I've been waiting a long time to bring no-subscription cellular connectivity to people's cars with Automatic Pro. The all-new app that goes with it is going to blow you away with its gorgeous UI and attention to detail. We hope you love it!
@ljuba Huge fan and plan on buying this product. I'm curious what capabilities the device has when the car is off. Is it battery powered and still providing location data via the 3G connection?
@airem23 It isn't battery-powered, so shortly after you turn the car off the adapter turns off too. We don't want to be drawing current from your car while it's off. :)
@ljuba @airem23 what about if someone steals the car? can you get current GPS location?
@shawnkirsch @airem23 You can track your car no matter who's driving as long as the Pro adapter is plugged in and has cellular signal.
@ljuba @airem23 what if they don't start the car? i.e.: put onto a truck or tow it?
Pf US only.. I would buy that immediately if it was available in Europe.
I own the original and I love it as I travel quite a bit locally for work. Great for keeping up with my mileage and gas expenses. I have two teenagers driving and so this seems like a really good product for them to have in their cars. They would never install the app. Location services and battery drain would have them removing it immediately. Can I still use it for remote parenting and location verification? Also, there was no discount for existing customers? The easiest people to sell to are the folks who are already your customers. Would have bought this morning if I felt as though I was valued for being an early adopter for the first one.
@ryanmtaylor I agree. It was the first thing I noticed this morning receiving an email as an existing loyal customer. There was nothing that spoke to me about what to do with the existing data, adapter, etc. When I reached out to Automatic, they said the weren't offering existing customers anything and that there's enough value to pay for a new one. 🤔 They weren't able to make the financials work out to do anything for existing customers. @thejo @ljuba
@edblankenship This whole thing feels like customers as an afterthought. @ljuba posted and then never came back to answer any of the questions. Someone was told that PH should be part of their launch and submitted without a plan to follow through on it? Truly interested in this product and whether I can use it for my kids without them having to have the app installed since I cannot do that with the 1st generation.
Hi @ryanmtaylor. Sorry for the late reply. I'm glad you're enjoying your original Automatic. You can definitely use Pro to know where your car is no matter who's driving. Other drivers don't have to have the Automatic Pro app on their phone and since the Pro adapter has its own GPS and cellular modem. As for discounts, we decided to price our new product very aggressively and offer it to everyone. We think it's a great value!
@ljuba As a Southern California resident the knock on us is that we have more cars in our driveway than people. In my case, I have 5 cars and 5 people. 3 teenagers. I am my own use case for parents and teen drivers. I saw you offer bulk pricing but no indication of what "bulk" is. I really think an opportunity was missed not to leverage existing customers and to incentivize them to buy again. Best of luck.
@ryanmtaylor if you guys have 5 cars, I think you can afford to buy a few of these.
Very excited about this. Instant buy for me to upgrade my gen1 which has the annoying bluetooth issues.
I really wish this was available for India. Such a huge market, filled with price-conscious consumers who would love to obsessively track mileage and expenditure, not to mention the ability to monitor the location and state of the vehicle. Most people (>80%) have drivers who stay with the car while the owner is in the office / out getting stuff done. I'd love to be able to see if my driver goes joyriding or stays put! Why aren't you in India, Automatic?
@vahishta We really with we could bring Automatic to India and other countries around the world –lots of us on the team are from India and have family there. Unfortunately, cars differ quite a bit from country to country and properly supporting cars outside the U.S. isn't in our immediate plants.
@ljuba Well, just know that whenever you do decide to launch, I'll be one of your first customers :-)