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We built Automatic to bring innovation back to the car. With our hardware and software, nearly every car can achieve an entirely new level of intelligence by connecting to an ecosystem of car apps. From saving a business traveler hours on expenses with Concur to diagnosing engine trouble and calling a mechanic, all the way to adjusting your Nest thermostat when you head home, the possibilities for connecting your car are limitless. In building a platform, we're creating an ecosystem where problems are solved faster than we can imagine them. What kind of apps would make your driving experience better?
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@thejo I see "Yo" in the list of car apps. Oh boy. Cool product by the way. :) Thanks.
Congrats on the App Store and the launch of v2 of the hardware. Any plans to support electric vehicles in this round of upgrades?
@jmacias thanks! We don't support electric vehicles yet because most of them don't follow the OBD specification :(
@jmacias you asked the exact question I was going to ask. Love the idea behind Automatic but wish it would work for EVs.
HI. Have enjoyed my first gen automatic and the app interactions with IF - though people didn't enjoy my car facbooking it's gas milage on Facebook so much, but that was my fault. What's new in the hardware, it's not clear on the website, and is there an upgrade for current owners? FYI, automatic was very helpful when we were camping I had a breakdown- I was able to call my local mechanic with the error code, who found the closest repair shop around. They were able to have the part waiting and repair the fault same day. It saved hours of time for sure.
@duanewilsonsf it's great to hear that Automatic helped you when your car broke down. You can find more information about the new hardware here - https://www.automatic.com/adapter/ You must have received an email with upgrade details for existing customers. Please write to support@automatic.com if you have any questions. Thanks for being an Automatic user!
Looking at the link, I can't tell what the difference is between V2 and V1, can you expand on that? @thejo @duanewilsonsf
@scorinth this page has more information and tech specs of the gen 2 adapter - https://www.automatic.com/adapter/ The summary of what's new in gen 2 is: - It comes with GPS built-in - It is MFi certified, which improves Bluetooth connectivity and speed on iPhones. - It supports multiple simultaneous Bluetooth connections which enable support for apps like DashCommand and Harry's LapTimer. - It has more memory and processing power. - It has an improved connector which is compatible with more cars. - Many other small improvements.
@helloduane It looks like checking the Fuel Level may have been removed from the V2 adapter as well. :( I found the info buried in the Car Compatibility notes for my model. @thejo
Congrats, Thejo! Automatic platform is awesome. Excited to be onboard early with the launch of @sherpashare driver app. http://bit.ly/1HeNXBr
Will you guys have LTE/6G radios embedded? Bluetooth is not for this.
@mager Bluetooth is actually really good for this! And much much less expensive (no data subscription fees.)