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Stop manually aggregating ad data. Automate any spreadsheet.

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Love this! Going to definitely implement this with the Cartful biz dev team. I really like how this integrates with Google Sheets. I may have missed this on the site, but will this real-time update?
@jenleeny Hi Jen! Thanks for the kind words. Yes, it does populate in real-time. I checked out your site and noticed you have a few opportunities for conversions (purchase, sign up, add to cart) that we're able to track. Have you checked out the templates we have available?
@ali_quigley Hey Ali! I'm looking into them now. I'm thinking the Campaign/Client Time Interval Comparison Report template looks promising. (Description seems to be missing on that page though).
I've been using RTB Media for the past 3-4 months and it has made my reporting life so much easier! It's really the tool I was looking for when building my own dashboards. Very reliable and super friendly service. Go for it!
@guillaume_ Glad to hear it! How much time on average would you say our reporting saves you per month?
@ali_quigley I'd say it saves me a full working day per month
@guillaume_ That's HUGE!
@ali_quigley it helps to focus on the analysis rather than the data collection. That said, the pre-requisite is to have full understanding of how conversion pixels are used, placed and activated in the campaigns for the tool to be really efficient.
@guillaume_ That's definitely helpful. Do you track both Post-Click and Post-View Conversions? We're able to track both within the report as well as multiple conversion actions.
So having run sales/marketing automation at small startups, we often don't have budget, but this has been incredibly useful at getting a grasp on these things.
@datarade Thanks for hunting us Kumar and you're absolutely right. These spreadsheets help our customers stay more informed and give them the ability to make important decisions faster.
You'd think this be higher up in product hunt!
@travisweathers Glad you like what you see, Travis! Have you walked through the set up process yet? If so, did you find it easy and intuitive?
@ali_quigley Thanks! No I have not yet. I was planning on doing it tomorrow. :)
@travisweathers Awesome! Let us know what you think when you do & we're happy to set a quick live demo, too. Just let me know :)
Hello again, ProductHunters! I’m back on ProductHunt to discuss the newest piece we’ve added to our reporting “machine”. Our mission at RTB-Media is to take the pain out of the digital campaign planning and analysis experience. Our Google Sheets API allows you to build and manipulate custom reports through Google Sheets by tapping into RTB-Media’s API. All the information that has been available through our reporting tool can now be viewed via Google Sheets. Once these reports are configured, you can have the information dynamically populate based on whichever variables you choose to track. Choose between building a: Detailed campaign financial reports or Percent Change over time(daily, weekly, monthly, annual) Campaign level, Adset level, keywords level reports Or, just send us a template you typically use, and we’ll configure it for you! All of us at RTB are constantly on the lookout for feedback. It’s how we knew to add the Google Sheets API and how we continue to move forward. It's almost time for month end reporting, will you still be manually aggregating data? Thanks again, ProductHunters!