Autoklose automates your email tasks throughout the sales cycle. Find, target, and nurture your prospects effortlessly with the help of machine learning. Easily plan, schedule, launch email campaigns, and use detailed analytics to predict your sales.

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Hello, I am Shawn, founder and CEO of Autoklose. Thank you @nikkielizdemere for hunting us! I’ve been in sales all my life, selling everything from boxes to enterprise software to Fortune 500 companies. You could say I know a thing or two about sales. And I can frankly say that the follow-up is the most important but also the most boring and tedious part of the day. Autoklose is conceived an all-in-one sales automation platform that eliminates time-consuming, mechanical and repetitive tasks and allows a salesperson (as well as anybody else) to focus on turning the most interested prospects into sales. I’ll spare you all the boring details and just mention that you’ll get all the goodies like email sequences, lead segmentation, tons of email templates that worked for me all these years, automated triggers, tracking, lead de-duplication analytics, and much more. And if you have a team, you can add them to your campaigns, change their roles, and get complete campaign analytics to see how they perform. Yes, the competition is fierce out there. Took me a while to get this far. Obviously, there are products with similar features. From my experience in the field, I do believe my vision is much clearer than that of the competition. I want to help each and every user realize how they rank against competition and what they should do to improve their performance. My team is working hard building in machine learning in the background and this sophisticated technology will literally tell you whether your subject line is too long or too short, whether you have enough follow-ups, and how your copy ranks against the others in your vertical. This is not an easy thing to do, which is why our algorithm will be invaluable to anyone wondering “Am I doing it right?”. Lastly, I want to thank everyone who made it into our Beta program and provided valuable feedback! Also wanted to thank @itsjosuepena, @akio, @joshuafechter, @matthew_staton, @nikkielizdemere, @azinkevich, @johnfrlyon, @frank_salas, @talentedmrsalas, @goran_candrlic, @jon_buchan, @gerardcomptedur for all your support and feedback. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! Thanks!
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@shawnfinder Good luck with the launch, Shawn! Looks super promising.
Though I haven't had the chance to test it completely, but it is going to be a beast outbound tool. Great tool and Good luck Shawn!
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@vaibhavguptaghw Thanks for the support Vaibhav. Can't wait to show you our new features in March
Looks amazing guys! Good luck :)
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@tomer_aharon Thanks Tomer- I appreciate the support.
Glad I had a chance to test the tool in pre-beta. The tool has a lot of needed features like e-mail sequence, predefined templates, team management platform, lead & contact management system and analyzer dashboard... I am waiting to see how and the team will continue with the integration pipeline. Good luck guys! 😉 @shawnfinder @danielkempe @jeroen_corthout
@danielkempe @jeroen_corthout @vforvukovic Thanks Ognjen for the support. We are planning many more integrations with other CRM's and Marketing Automations. Many users have been asking about this and the plan is to have this ready soon. Currently, we support Salesforce Integration.
@danielkempe @vforvukovic @shawnfinder We've already been discussing a bit :-)

Used Autoklose while in pre-beta and had a chance to connect with @shawnfinder and guys while the tool was developing. The idea behind the tool is really cool and Shawn has a clear vision what he wants to do with it.

It is crafted and designed like a enterprise tool with all the features you need for your outreach efforts.

The special benefit of Autoklose is that Shawn is Finder and CEO of another startup - ExchangeLeads with B2B e-mail base with more than 7 million e-mails that are verified and daily updated by the data team which is really great if you are in B2B industry.


Great concept of all-in-one outbound/sales platform with combined features like e-mail sequences, lead management, team management and data.


Small number of integrations now, but having in mind that the tool is fresh this is not a con.

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Currently using Autoklose for my sole purposes since I am a one-man-team, but it is working really well. Hope I will see more integrations but since it is a young tool that is not the con.