Autodesk Pixlr

All-in-one photo editor, 600+ effects, collage options

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Anastasia Churazova
  • Anastasia Churazova
    Anastasia ChurazovaProduct Marketer

    Really easy to use, ideal for quick and simple tasks.


    The features are not as extensive as traditional tools, but has all the essentials.

    I use it daily, a great alternative to traditional desktop image editors.

    Anastasia Churazova has used this product for one year.
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skprasad@skprasad · CloudMagic, Digital Marketing Manager
Its been my favourite for quite some time. Its simple and yet has every option you will need to make photos look the way you want.
Galit Zamler
Galit Zamler@galitzamler · Entrepreneur, Scam Block Plus
I use Autodesk Pixlr on a daily basis and it's just great! Very intuitive,and most of the features are for free.
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréHunter@nikkielizdemere · B2B SaaS Consultant
"Autodesk Pixlr is made by the same developers that offer several other fantastic productivity programs, including Autodesk SketchBook. It’s definitely more productivity-oriented and less focused on touching up pictures for social media sites, but it handles both tasks exceptionally well. Pixlr is probably one of the closest apps you’ll find that can replace a traditional desktop photo editor thanks to it’s powerful editing tools. The app has some very useful tricks, including a focal blur tool, a color pop tool, and tons of filters, effects, and tweaks. The focal blur tool helps to simulate a focused subject in your photos, allowing you to select a specific point in an image and create a soft de-focus on everything outside of a certain range. This helps to draw attention to specific details, and gives a very professional look to your photos without much work. The color pop tool works similarly, letting you pick a certain area to colorize while making everything else black and white. It’s a great trick for making one specific detail the focal point of an image, and it’s incredibly easy to set up, especially compared to the work you’d have to put in on a desktop photo editor. If you’re looking for the other effects and filters, Pixlr has that covered, too. It can’t compete with other apps on the sheer volume of effects, but it has enough to make it worthwhile. You’ll still get your standard tweaking tools, too, and there are tons and tons of collage options so you can quickly set up multiple photos arranged in different ways. That definitely appeals more to social media users, but hey, more features never hurt. Pixlr offers a free experience with a few in-app purchases, so it’s worth test driving to see if it fits what you’re looking for. If you’ve ever used SketchBook, you’ll probably be very familiar with Pixlr, so this app would be worth adding to your productivity toolbox." - Jared Peters
Catherine Trestini
Catherine Trestini@cattrestini · Freelance Social Media Strategist in FL.
Been using this for years. I prefer it to Gimp in general, however I haven't found an online program that works with high-res, RAW/TIF images (like, film negatives) well at all, even when they say they do. One thing I love about Pixlr is how easy it is to apply all of these different filters (not exactly just Instagram-type photo filters) like layers of stickers, shapes, 'photo marks', etc. I think what got me addicted to Pixlr at first was how easy on mobile it was for me to edit my last photo I took on my phone, it was super easy onboarding and fast downloads for extra filters. And of course on desktop, I didn't even have to log in, I could just use 1/3 of the web apps in browser. Easy peasy.
@cattrestini Consider trying the Desktop version. It can handle high res, TIFF, and a few difficult file formats. It has a lot more power to pull from than a browser and can handle big files. However, you are right that RAW can be a problem for a lot of non-pro image editors. We don't yet support RAW across the board but many NEF RAW (Nikon) files will work after our most recent update.
Thanks for the kind words. I'm the community manager for Pixlr. We have a lot of different apps that I'm guessing most people aren't familiar with. The short and sweet explainer: We make Pixlr Editor, a web-based graphic design app with layer support, brushes, lasso tool, etc.; Autodesk Pixlr, an iOS/Android/Mac/PC photo editing app with zillions of effects, overlays, borders, stickers, fonts; and our old Pixlr-o-matic darkroom themed iOS/Android app for the grunge and goth enthusiast in us all. We also make Pixlr Touch Up, a Chrome app you can use offline if you want.
Sheila C
Sheila C@sheila_c · Photographer
@supereric Hi. Until a few days ago I "had" Autodesk Pixlr on my laptop. It hung up when I tried to take a shortcut and send a photo directly to that program and so I uninstalled it thinking I could just reinstall it...nope! Now my trusted friend is no more awesome overlays, no really cool effects and borders... I don't see any of those things on the Pixlr web app either. I'd gladly PAY DEARLY to have the old program back! I'm going to go be depressed again, very depressed.