Auto-Layout for Sketch

Easily see how your design looks on all screen sizes.


From the maker

Avishay Cohen
@avishic · Co-Founder & CEO @ AnimaApp
Hi all,
Web & Android are here! 📱🖥
Thanks for all the great feedback, keep it coming 😊🙏

Happy 2017 🎉🎉🎉


Sarah Kuehnle
@ursooperduper · Design @ Superpedestrian
This will make hand-offs with my dev team so much easier, as well as save me a lot of time!
Mohamed Saleh
@engmsaleh · Co-founder,Venta Apps
Awesome :)
Daeshawn Ballard
@imdaeshawn · Marketing Director, Imagine Careers
Awesome! I wish xcode made it this easy, constraints aren't my favorite.
Rick Chen
@rick_chen1 · making people lazy at
Omg, you need to win a metal for this.
Stephanie Kampendonk
@ihatedotpink · PR Officer
Well _this_ is useful! Good job! 👏😊
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