A disposable camera on your phone. No retakes.

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Hey guys, I’m Mari, CEO & co-founder of Authenpic. With Authenpic, we hope to help people focus more on the fun we're experiencing in the real world, rather than seeking instant gratification in the digital world. Plus we want to receive something fun in the mail again! Authenpic was born last spring when my sister and I were having dinner in NYC. We were talking about how people take photos today compared to before. We were reminiscing about how much fun it was to use disposable cameras, especially the whole waiting for your roll of film to be developed so you could look at the photos you (most of the times) had forgotten that you had taken.  Of course, the smartphones we have today are much more convenient, easier to use and more powerful than our film cameras of yesteryear, but there are also some downsides to smartphone photography. I find myself taking less photos than before because I feel this constant pressure to share the perfect photo. With all the snapping, re-taking of photos, applying filters, sharing and checking for successful social interaction, I’m focusing too much on the technical aspects of my photography rather than just enjoying a moment and snapping a quick souvenir photo that’ll help me remember it at a later time.   With Authenpic, you can take 24 photos that you can’t review after they’ve been shot. When your “film roll” is full, you send it away and within a week you will receive a pack of 24 printed pictures in your inbox - your physical mailbox, that is.  The whole Authenpic experience is $9.50 per roll of film in the U.S and from $12.50 - $14.90 for international orders. All prices includes shipping.  I’d love to answer any questions!
@johannessenmari Totally makes sense. Started using it yesterday. So far, so good. Will let you know.
So I am going to give this a try and compare it to WhiteAlbum. Your price point is interesting, White Album is more expensive. I like that you are targeting under $10 USD. Wise. That being said, I love the way WhiteAlbum prints their pictures. The quality of the paper and packing justifies the higher price. I'm on my 3rd Album. So once I tried it - price is not a barrier for me. FWIW, I think there are many ways to take pricing as you gain traction. And what about printing directly to a local Wallgreens? :-) Just downloaded the app and took my first picture. I look forward to completing the entire experience. :-) And will happily share feedback as I go.
@corleyh Great Corley, I'm excited to hear about your experience with Authenpic! About the prints - we decided to go for the standard 4"x6" size because we don't want to limit people in how they can use the photos. Our size fits perfectly in photo albums, frames, etc.. that people already have at home. I agree that WhiteAlbums packaging looks nice, but in my opinion it's not worth ten extra dollars. We're looking forward to adding a more personalized packaging to our product as well - at no extra cost. Where WhiteAlbum was created by a company Mint Digital, Authenpic was created by Linda, Jacques and I and we wanted to focus on sending our users beautiful photos - and adding more features later. We're extremely happy with the quality of the photos and how quick and fast the process is. It will be fun to hear some of your comments when you've tried it out! If you have any questions, please let me know :-)
This is very similar to WhiteAlbum which @corleyh tried a while back.
@rrhoover Yeah, great minds think alike! The main product difference is that our photos are the standard 4" x 6" size. And we're 50% cheaper, at only $9.50 (includes shipping) for 24 photos delivered within a week.