Auth0 Extend

A new way to extend SaaS applications beyond Webhooks

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Hi I am Glenn from Auth0 Extend. Thanks for the Product Hunt love! Extend is a product born out of years of experience we've had adding extensiblity to our own flagship identity product. For the past 3 years we've continually improved on that experience, removing as much pain as possible. Our customers have found huge value in being able to handle business … See more
@likalo_llc · Founder @ Likalo
Oh this is so cool. Took me a while to get it, but the concept is actually pretty amazing. So anyone can extend my product and create plugins that can be resold within my product and make it easier for my customers to use my product. This is awesome!
Johannes Schickling
@_schickling · Co-founder of Graphcool
This is really awesome! Based on Auth0 Extend we've been able to add support for inline-functions to Graphcool within a few weeks. Big congrats on the launch! You guys built a fantastic product! ✨
Zeke Gabrielse
@ezekgabrielse · Founder of Keygen
Hey Glenn, this looks interesting! If I understand this correctly—Auth0 Extend could let me set up, say, a Stripe integration with my own SaaS product (Keygen) to effectively get rid of the requirement for my users to set up a server to handle webhooks so that Stripe and Keygen can talk to each other? For example, the typical webhook use-case is to create a… See more