Aurelius 2.0

Add, tag, organize and search all your user research notes

Aurelius helps you add, tag, organize, search and make sense of all of your user research notes and key insights in one place to make awesome designs, products and features.

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Hey everyone! I’m Zack, co-founder here at Aurelius :) Joseph and I started Aurelius 2 years ago building Aurelius to help people make better designs, products and features. Our focus has always been helping people build meaningful products that are focused on their customers. Aurelius v2 is focused on being the smartest user research and insights platform for design and product teams. Aurelius helps you add, tag, organize and search your user research notes and key insights so you can build awesome products and features. Some background: Joseph and I met while working at a large custom software shop in Minneapolis called The Nerdery. We realized that our job was less about “building the thing” and was more about helping people feel confident that they were building the “right” things. That meant helping them make the best decisions they could based on what their customers need. We did that through user research and understanding. That’s why we built Aurelius. The entire Aurelius team is just Joseph and I. We are 100% bootstrapped with zero outside funding. We are intentionally not accepting or seeking funding at this time. Our mission in building Aurelius is not only to help people get more out of their user research and insights, but also to show others that you can build a valuable product and sustainable organization that can stay true to its mission without compromising or getting greedy. We have a strong vision and even stronger resolve to do something awesome in the world. Right now we’re in beta and it’s completely free before our next launch. Everyone who signs up for our beta will get exclusive discounted pricing when we launch the final product! We’re very proud and excited to bring you Aurelius - hope you enjoy!

Just starting to dig into this product but it looks super solid. This type of tool seems like the missing link between research and action. Much needed for so many companies. I'm excited to see how it grows!


Super easy to get started, easy workflow, powerful tool for backing up your ideas


Lack of visuals

If you deal with data or any sort- this should be your new go-to tool. These guys have done a knock out job.


Best research tool I have used yet, both solo and with a team


none yet...

Admittedly only just started using today but so far I’m loving it.


Easy and Intuitive.


Haven’t used it enough to know.

Can you move a note from one category into another?

Great job !!😊
@ayush_chandra thanks a lot Ayush!