Fitness tracker that knows what you're made of

Tracks your fat/muscle percentage, hydration levels, heart rate and activity. Moreover it pays for your activity.

Live and fully funded on Kickstarter.

  • Pros: 

    I believe the data that it provides is more intricate, which makes it more relevant for anyone to take control of their health


    There are relatively essential and highly valuable hardware that may not be included in the AURA band if stretch goals aren't reached.

    I believe this will probably be the ultimate fitness tracker that goes beyond what's sold currently in the market, if the AURA team is able to deliver what they have pitched.

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  • Pros: 

    Tracks all data needed for keeping up with your fitnessgoals.


    No stopwatch or time

    Is more then promising. Had quite a few trackers before but only aura band rewards you for your work. Plus a bodyfat tracking possibility. Perfect for every athlete.

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Thanks for hunting us @kwdinc Hi ProductHunters, we're very excited to be featured on Product Hunt. AURA Band is an ultimate fitness tracker that know what you're made of and pays for your activity. With the help of bioimpedance analysis it tracks your fat/muscle percentage and hydration levels, also it has heart rate and activity sensors on board. We gather your health data, analyze it and give you insights and tips about your health. Measuring fat and muscle percentage could help you achieve your fitness goals much faster because you can precisely track progress before/after the workout or during the diet. If you want you could earn AURA Coins, which are paid for your activity and achieving some goals during a day, week and month. We're partnering with a bunch of sport apparel brands, insurance companies, and fitness centers. You can exchange AURA Coins for some benefits from them. For example, Run enough to get a new pair of sneakers. Now we're live on Kickstarter and plan to deliver AURA Bands to backers in this August. Our manufacturing plans and technology was approved by AVNET and Dragon Innovation, so we're sure to be on time. We love Product Hunt and have an ​Exclusive pack for you on Kickstarter. It includes AURA Band with Orange (special for Hunters) strap. The deal will available just for 48 hours. Ready to answer all your questions, guys! Our Media Kit:
Great idea! Do you guys intend to measure HRV? Will you have any subscription model? Thanks
@lavrovandrey Hello Andrey, we plan to add HRV and stress level measuring in the further software updates.
Looks good. Many trackers count as a step almost any shake. Have you solved the step recognition problem?
@oleg_avrah Hi Oleg, we use 9 axis motion unit (accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer) and bunch of algorithms to reduce this kind of distortions
should good build body.