Aunt Flow

100% organic cotton menstrual products for businesses

Aunt Flow sells 100% organic cotton tampons and pads to businesses and schools, so they can offer them for free in bathrooms for employees and guests.

Changing the world, one cycle at a time.

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Yay for cotton tampons! What were some obstacles you faced when trying to get this off the ground? Was it easy to find suppliers? I saw on our internal Slack that we are getting these for our offices πŸŽ‰ @clairecoder
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@abadesi YAY! We are SO excited to be stocking your offices. Thankfully, I am REALLY good at Googling, thus, finding suppliers was do-able!
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Just my 2 cents: It looks "cheap" to me, like airlines goodies. Maybe tweak the design?
@offirmo Thank you for the feedback!