August Smart Lock

Control who can('t) enter from your smartphone/computer.

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 14, 2014
Adam S Hurwitz
  • Adam S Hurwitz
    Adam S HurwitzAndroid Developer

    Passcode entry for deliveries, easy to enter/exit when carrying my bike


    Remote wifi connection not working, notification settings not customizeable

    Setting up key code entry for deliveries and pickups is extremely convenient and I look forward to testing out how this goes with various services moving forward.

    The biggest asks:

    • Customize my notifications - I love receiving confirmation when I leave that the door was locked behind me, but would like to turn off all of the notifications regarding my room mates coming and going.

    • Auto generate and fill August temporary key code into shipping details in other Android apps upon checkout.

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Would be very useful for Airbnb hosts.
Noah Lichtenstein
Noah Lichtenstein@noah_l · Partner, Cowboy Ventures
I may be biased here (disclaimer--Cowboy Ventures is an investor in August), but I'm a big fan of August. I've had an opportunity to play with and test the physical units, and I can't wait until they hit the shelves. Function meets beauty. For AirBNB, dogwalkers, repairs, houseguests, cleaners, deliveries, etc. it just removes a major headache. The design from Yves Behar is a nice touch, but what really matters (and what has been a challenge for so many others trying to do this) is that it needs to be easy to install (which means not replacing a door lock) and has to simply work. Building the mechanism internally that creates enough torque to turn the deadbolt, and not wear down over time, is a non-trivial product accomplishment. At the end of the day, based on reviews of other products I have read and testing we've seen from the August team of competitive devices, I'm very excited to see this SmartLock the market.
Adrian Phillips
Adrian Phillips@rustydingo · VP, Design
Completely late to this party. A friend of mine who is an AirBNB host is going to give this a try. The thing I like about the product is that it looks amazing on the inside (Lockitron is a little too Ikea for my tastes) which is important when it comes to products that I am going to put in my home. It's also fantastic for going out of town and having people come over to feed the cats. Just set up who can enter and bam, no need to leave a lockbox out and bother with keys.
Yuval Shoshan
Yuval Shoshan@yuvals · Building @parrotread
Cool idea. Looks awesome!
Luke Bornheimer
Luke Bornheimer@lukebornheimer · Product Designer, Naked Labs
Has anyone seen a comparison of August and Lockitron (or more established players, for that matter)?