AudioKit Synth One

Free & Open-source iPhone/iPad Synth 🎹

After over 3 years of development, AudioKit Synth One is now available for both iPhone and iPad.

Completely free & open-source – A labor of love built by over 100+ volunteers, including engineers for Kanye West, Rihanna, M83, Tycho, and devs from Ableton...

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Hi Product Hunt! Over the past two years, myself and over 100+ volunteers (including awesome developers from companies like Ableton. And, Sound Designers for Kanye West, M83, Tycho, and more) have been donating their time to build a completely free professional open-source iOS synthesizer. There are no ads. No sponsors. No investors. All completely free & MIT open-source. We're blessed to be able to help so many musicians. And, would be humbled if the kind people of Product Hunt would check it out as well. πŸ™
Fantastic open source synth; support it by buying The D1!
This thing sounds SO GOOD. It's unbelievable how it's an app on my phone, and it's FREE. It's better than Korg apps. I'm purchasing a keyboard for my phone specifically to use this in conjunction with Logic Pro. Do you guys have any plans to release it as an AU plugin?
@jucaslames Thanks for asking. Yes! We do plan on making it an AUv3 plugin for iOS. And, later this year, a Mac AU version.
@jucaslames And, here's a cool video with tips on using Synth One with an external MIDI keyboard w/ your iPhone πŸ‘
@gofecher Gah, that's awesome. Thank you for everything you do.
@jucaslames @gofecher Looking forward to the AU plugin!
Fantastic example of how Open Source projects can be done. This synth is awesome and comparable to similar and expensive commercial products in terms of interface design, configurability and sound. AudioKit rocks!
@cseder Thanks Chris, appreciate your kind words! πŸ™
That's a product that I like! Kudos