Promote Your Product on Music Streaming Apps and Podcasts

With AudioGO you can promote your startup or product on top streaming apps like Pandora, iHeart or TuneIn.
All you need is an audio ad, and we can help with that too.
Define your precise audience and make yourself heard with $100 USD off for the PH community.
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Hey there, Product Hunt friends! Today I’m more than pleased to bring to you AudioGO. It’s a product that myself and an incredible team of dedicated folks have put in a ton of passion, dedication and of course countless work hours, and we’re happy to bring it to the world. With AudioGO you can promote your product or business to audio content listeners across the country, so marketers out there - you’re now welcome to throw another channel in your growth strategy mix - audio advertising. Sounds scary or intimidating? We’ve been trying really hard to bust that! With AudioGO you can really get up and running in minutes. And if you don’t have an audio ad – we’ve partnered with professional studios to help you create your audio clips by just filling a form. It usually takes about a day to get your files back, and that goes for an unbeatable price (check the app, as we’re running a time limited deal too). Once you have your ad ready, you can go ahead and create your audio ad campaign – and again we’ve been trying to keep things very simple – in a one page, straightforward process - you can define your campaign budget, when it runs, and who should hear your ad. You can choose your audience by selecting precisely where your ads will run (states, cities or zip codes), the demographics of your clientele (age and gender if applicable to you) and what kind of content they are listening to. You can select from an array of music genres or even talk topics for radio shows or podcast. When you’re ready, you can hit schedule, and your ads will play across premium music content apps like Pandora, iHeart or TuneIn and top podcast shows. And I saved the best for last: for anyone who signs up from Product Hunt in the next couple of weeks, we’re giving away free $100 USD in ad credit to help with their first campaign. If you have any questions or thoughts, let me know in the comments below. Me and my team will be very happy to get the discussion going. Cheers everyone! 🥂
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Super valuable product here. While transactional search ads are important, this captures a whole different audience and offers tons of value in the SMB/B2C space. Capturing an actively listening audience is so important for a local business to build brand recognition & awareness, but creating an audio ad itself used to create a high barrier of entry for a lot of smaller businesses. AudioGO has completely solved that problem. The simplicity of the interface and product launch creates the opportunity for smaller brands and businesses to effectively run substantial and effective audio campaigns. These smaller entities now have the opportunity to reach demographics and markets that were previously only available to larger brands with bigger budgets to throw around (usually working with a higher priced, traditional media ad agency). I always recommend this to my connections in the local space, and my perspective is that it is absolutely crucial for a properly diversified marketing portfolio and lead gen strategy.
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It was high time such a product emerged - accessible to everyone and easy to use. I spread the word to a couple of friends who run SMBs and they seemed super excited with the concept.
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That's awesome @andrei_petrus! thanks a bunch for the appreciation and the word of mouth! excited to welcome them on board.
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Hey, this came just in time, as we are working on our marketing plan. I think visual ads alone are no longer enough to build a consistent marketing strategy and we are looking for alternative mediums. The free credits are a nice touch!!
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Spot on, @alecsandru_dinu1 - this is exactly how we advocate using audio ads, as they are especially effective in a multi channel strategy, where you deploy audio advertising for awareness / consideration and then kick back with other - "more traditional" digital channels like display to close on leads or conversions. Not to say that audio cannot perform great by itself, as we laid out in this blog post: