Atomize Design System is the most advanced UI design framework that helps designers create beautiful and consistent user interfaces for the web.

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Hey Hunters, I'm the creator of Atomize Design System. This is my first product on Product Hunt and I'm really excited :) I'm offering 25% off to all Product Hunters. Use code - producthunt or follow this link "Limited to 50 Licenses" I'm here to answer all your questions. Get going!
Super well organized and very ambitious... this is an awesome UI Kit!
@akashtyagi027, Product looks great. A random thought if you have started with B2B sales : Target companies who are hiring for UI designer. If a company is hiring for this role, it means they are investing money in UI that is why hiring for that role. They would be happy to use product like yours. P.S. Congrats for your launch.
@shreyaa_ratra Thanks for the suggestion :) Will definitely try it.
Impressive and high class Design system ^^
@gurisitchinava Thanks mate :)
Awesome UI Kit! However all this nesting, is very ineffective. Sketch must do symbols searchable, or is this already working maybe :) ? Nevertheless, best UI Kit out there ⭐️
@produkhelt True, Sketch should make Symbols searchable.
@produkhelt For now, until sketch makes symbols searchable, you can use Runner to search for symbols. You just press CTRL + ' and search for the symbol. I use it all the time, highly recommend.