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My friends at Atomic are launching their big 2.0 today, with a bunch of awesome new features. A game-changer called components lets you package up common interactions and reuse them throughout your design so they all animate and react the way you'd expect, editable text fields let you actually interact with your designs and whole dearth of other things are literally about to drop too. I've been following Atomic since the first version I saw a few years ago in an early version of Chrome, and I love what these folks are doing and how far they've come in such a short time, so check it out! Watch out Adobe 😜
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looks like Atomic has now made itself the best prototyping tool. shall defo be recommending
@mrandydavis Yeah this looks insane
Love atomic. Great product, great team and awesome brand. Use it to rapid prototype.
Hey thanks for sharing @ow! We've also posted a little more context about what we're up to at Atomic, and why. Would love any feedback and questions.
Love the evolution.