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Thanks for the hunt @ow ❤️ We're super pumped to share the news of Atomic Free! Finally you can get your hands on a tool that’s really powerful and let's you learn prototyping at your own pace. With Atomic Free you'll have access to one active prototype. There’s an incredible amount you can do with one prototype (thanks a lot to unlimited components). The good news is that you can always archive and create a new prototype (or unarchive an old one) when you’re ready. It’s super flexible. Atomic Free combined with 22 new video lessons will help you get from zero to hero in no time. Our tutorials cover everything from the very basics right through to more advanced topics like using real data or reusable components in your prototypes 🎉 We've also just released a ton of other features too including Data, Variables, Teams and more. You can read more about it here: https://medium.com/atomic-io/the... As always, we'd love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions or comments, just post them below. We'd love to chat 😊 Thanks! Femke & the team at Atomic
My friends at Atomic launched their new plans and a bunch of cool new stuff for learning what prototyping is, along with how to do it. It's *really* good and if you're in the design business I really think it's the best tool out there, considering you don't need to learn to code to make really high fidelity prototypes.
@ow Nice hunt Owen!
The team at Atomic is doing amazing things. Beyond making their prototyping tool more accessible with the free version, I can confidently say the new features are amazing. I've played with Data, Variables, and the Team features since they were in beta. The Atomic team continues to amaze me with their vision and execution. You need to check out Atomic if you do any prototyping!
Congrats Atomic Team! Great product.
Nice design
@dredurr thanks Deandre!