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We know that great products aren’t designed in a silo, they require a meeting of minds across the whole business. Today, along with launching our open beta, we’re also introducing new ways to collaborate in Atomic. In addition to being able to share your designs easily and gather feedback, you can now invite teammates into your projects to work together on the same set of designs, simultaneously. Sign up for a free account and start designing and prototyping in seconds. We’d love to hear what you think.
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Congrats on the launch! I wrote a little something over at TNW if you want to learn more about Atomic and the team
@ow Hey Owen, thanks so much for your support!
I really like the progress you guys have made. Examples are perfect starting points. Educating how to use Atomic is the best way to get people to engage with you. I'm looking to dig in this week with a couple of interactions.
@cedfunches thanks so much Ced. Please let us know how you get on this week.
@grantrobinson will do. A word of advice. Don't price your product out of the game. Pixate unfortunately did that IMO. Just do something affordable and you will get ppl to support you early enough to grow with you. Workflows are important. Excited to see how you guys integrate w current flows.
@cedfunches cheers for the advice. Noted! Is it OK if I DM you talk about pricing options in the future?
@grantrobinson absolutely. Sent you a DM
Dope!!! Guys This is Amazing.. Kudos to Team!!!!! (Y)
@imrsdotco Thanks Rahul!
The interactions look incredible! Excited to try this out.
@michaelschultz thanks Michael! Please let us know how you get on.