Beautifully themed weather app for iPhone and Apple Watch

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Simple weather app without being too simple, and works really well on Apple Watch. I'm a big fan of the themes & sharing (I taunt with nice weather privately, as we all should). Also a big fan of its makers @saverio and @shnhrrsn
Clear, nice design. Hope they will fix the carrier/wifi status bar error in the next update. @makers where do you get the data from? Supporting other languages soon?
@themoesi We've added a setting in 1.0.1 to revert to the iOS default status bar which will be submitted to Apple either Today or Monday. Localization is a priority, if it's not in 1.0.1, it'll be in 1.0.2 shortly after. We're still figuring out which languages will go first, but we'll eventually get to everything supports (and on that note...) Data is provided by -- it's actually called out in the app if you scroll to the bottom of a forecast, however we've been asked this a few times now so we're investigating ways to better surface it.
@shnhrrsn Thanks for your answer! is such a nice service, but i think it works better in the us, because here in austria (except vienna) the forecast is not much accurate as in other apps. But hey, it looks great ;)
@themoesi We've taken note of that. The app is already built to support various data providers so we hope to be able to support the best provider for every users locale in an upcoming release.
Love the app so far! My only nitpick is that the back transition to the grid screen feels really awkward. I think a similar swipe down fade dismiss transition similar to the other ones in the app would feel much better.
Hey! Cannot tell from the video or screenshots. Is there a today widget as well?
@gravicle Yep! It looks like this: