Atlas Recall

A searchable photographic memory for your digital life

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Hey everyone - Thanks for checking out Atlas Recall! We’re excited to give you early access to this truly revolutionary product from Atlas Informatics. Recall is a searchable photographic memory for our digital lives. We built Recall to help people be more productive and work smarter. On average we waste 20% of our time sifting through emails, calendar invites, text messages and Slack chains to find the information we need to get things done. We wanted to build a technology that works like a searchable memory for our digital lives. Once Recall is installed, it remembers everything you see on your screen, running in the background as you use your computer and smartphone. You can then search all of your applications, cloud services, devices and programs using keywords to find anything you’re looking for. Recall is built from the ground up to be secure and will work with any app — without needing individual credentials, or access to specific app or service APIs. Looking forward to hearing what you think! —jordan
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@jpr6 -- looks like a great product. The windows signup button is broken, so kindly check the link. I'm eagerly waiting to test the Windows Beta app..:) good luck...
@ramkumarhq @jpr6 We just fixed the Windows link.
@ramkumarhq Thanks for the kudos and feedback - we got that form fixed so feel free to head on over and sign up:
@jpr5 Hey, so this is pretty incredible. The layout, the *everything* that it captures. I love it. However. Every time I spend a few seconds in it, my Macbook Pro's fans fire up and it sounds like my laptop is ready for takeoff. Any other reports of this and/or ideas of what related to Atlas may be causing it? Thanks!
@andym_dc @jpr5 Hi Andrew - thanks for the info. Any chance you could get the diagnostics to us at ? Atlas Recall definitely isn't supposed to cause that to happen, so if you can follow the steps here: that would help us figure out what's going on!
Atlas Recall is a ridiculously cool (and useful) new product. You install it on your computer then It passively keeps track of everything you do then it allows you to find *anything* you've used and opened using a slick desktop search interface. It also integrates with your Google Search results. Totally worth trying especially since they've given folks from Product Hunt early access today. I've been using this for a few days now and it's quite handy!
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@hnshah Check out the original creators of this project:
@alanaut24 @hnshah @jpr5 Thank you for the acknowledgement, AJ!! Yes the local version Mac OS X code all on BitBucket - and the patent pending on how it runs in the background, how Accessibility API integrates, how search by keyword/time/application works, and how URL/app blacklisting/whitelisting works is available there at that modest Livejournal link: I see "Atlas Recall: Photographic Memory for your Digital life" built out the next requested steps of "Savant Recall: Photographic Digital Memory / Digital Working Memory" for mobile and cloud: Here's where our old site is stored, and *demo video*. The copy, features, coming soon features, install .dmg and turning on the Accessibility API, and toolbar icon toggles, and the search/browse by, all the same. We released this as Open at about the same time it was picked up: Here's my Product Hunt blurb from 2 years ago: I was the UX designer for Savant Recall - "Savant Recall: Photographic Digital Memory" for Mac OS X makes your computer an extension of your memory. By passively recording the user’s screen, every computer interaction becomes searchable (by both active application and text) and replayable. Never again will you forget how to find that amazing video or fascinating article or lose even one minute of work. The larger vision for Savant is to become an indispensable tool for users to not only record their interactions but to also share information and manage their time. With the addition of personal analytics, sharing, and customizable online access, Savant has the potential to transform the way people use their computers and is why it is one of the top 7 finalists of Y Combinator’s YC Hacks. Kasey was responsible for UX/UI, mockups, graphics, front-end development, creating/editing demo videos, social media management, team building, customer service, and problem-solving for the full-time startup." May be coincidence, or may be inspired from no-names and built out the next steps over the year. I applaud Jordan Ritter's work, and that that this was viable and came to fruition! I sent an e-mail in hopes to connect with the designers, and have a coffee. (I will be visiting Seattle later this month). I am now a UX Design student at DesignLab. <3
@bitpixi @alanaut24 @hnshah Kasey, thanks for your post. We've been working on Atlas since early 2013, pre-dating your team's efforts by over a year, and in any case I hadn't heard of your project prior to today. We do appreciate your interest, and we'd be happy to have you connect with our Design team to share ideas!
@jpr5 @alanaut24 @hnshah Mark and I will be in Seattle this November 25th and 26th, so let's set something up! (I've fielded the security, use cases, and tech questions before - so maybe something could be of use). Great minds think alike. Thank you, Jordan!
I've been waiting for a product like this for a long time.
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Thanks @joelandren 👏🏽 If our team can answer any questions or if you'd like to share feedback on your experience, please reach out via - I hope we hear from you!
Reminds me of Black Mirror episode "The Entire History of You'. For anyone interested it's available on Netflix. Netflix have actually just produced their own 3rd season. Wikipedia synopsis: Black Mirror is a British television anthology series created by Charlie Brooker that features speculative fiction with dark and sometimes satirical themes that examine modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.
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@mleonard Came here just for this reference.
Atlas is fantastic! Only feature request is to create and edit tags or the kinds as you refer to them. This would let people like me sort things into more detailed catagories and add apps like slack into the messages category. I hope that makes sense
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@nhuebecker Nikolas - Thanks for the idea! Recall already does some of this for you. When you look at your search results, there will be some categories you can click on to drill your search results. But, yes, getting more granular on exact applications is a feature we are considering. Thank you very much!