Community-curated repository of 🔥 learning resources


Athena is a community-curated repository of 🔥 learning resources to help you learn anything.

The best way to learn on the Internet is to have the best learning resources recommended to you by people who are already experts. If you know experts, that’s great. If you don’t, curated collections like Athena are the next best thing.

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17 Reviews5.0/5

This I think - could truly be the next big thing! It's like taking the best power of Amazon & Google, and combining the two into a Super Powered Search Engine. The engines ability to drastically cut out spam and curate content is truly amazing. There is just so much opportunity & potential, especially in the education round - which gets me excited. I think it's truly a project to watch!


Powerful. Simple. Streamlined.



It's great to see a massive list of resources for learning, but I would love to see the ability to drill down through the categories as I click them.


The list in insanely long


The 'Blogs' category seems to be all about crypto and the categories are too vague