Assistant by GoSquared

Live chat, lead capture, and feedback in one widget.

Assistant by GoSquared is the intelligent widget for your website that helps you convert visitors into leads and customers.

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11 Reviews5.0/5

GoSquared has the most intuitive interface for an analytics platform. It is surprisingly a delight to look at! I have it open ALL the time keeping an eye on my site and app stats in real-time.


intuitive, lightning-fast and light weight real-time analytics.


Nothing that i can think of!

Thanks so much for all your support and feedback, Leo!
nice sales page, clean design. at $99/month, is it competitive? so many alternatives that are less expensive
@jeffrey_wyman Hi Jeffrey, thanks for the feedback! There are certainly cheaper tools, but there are also a lot of _much_ more expensive tools out there too (lots of tools get crazy expensive by growing per seat, per contact, or per whatever else). We strive for simplicity in everything we do, and we've been finding that just the one fixed price plan seems to be refreshing for loads of folks shopping around in this space. Hope that helps!
Great product !
@royendgel Cheers Royendgel, much appreciated!

I live in GoSquared and simply couldn't nor wouldn't want to run my business any other way.


Simple, fast, easy chat functionality, coupled with rich customer data make this product hard to beat.


None, it's the best

Ben this is an amazing review – thanks so much for these kind words about GoSquared. Honestly it makes the team feel amazing hearing this!

I've been using GoSquared with a couple of projects, and it has all the functionality I want for analytics + chat.

There is basically no learning curve to get set up, as everything is really intuitive.

I'm always surprised it's not mentioned more frequently as an alternative to Intercom/Drift.


Very easy set-up, great combination of analytics + chat


No free tier anymore :(

Thanks for this feedback, Alastair – very kind! Regarding free tier – we still have a 14 day trial, but no free tier for the time being. Never say never – we're not fundamentally opposed to the idea of a free tier, but pricing is so much simpler right now with just the one premium tier.