The Easiest Way to Schedule Meetings

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@hsukenooi - no doubt! Product Hunt isn't a review site but there's certainly an opportunity here. @hunterwalk published a piece on this a few days ago: Wanted: Medium for Product Reviews.
There's been a ton of these products in the past but I hope one of them catches on! @rrhoover Random thought. It'd be fun to have people try products from PH then come back later and review, rate, etc. then make a hall of fame. I'd be curious what people's experience with this is after trying it.
I've tried a lot of these (most recently Calendly) and they all have come up short but, which isn't an elegant solution. I miss Tungle a had UI and all the features. It's a shame Blackberry killed it.
Thanks for the submission and thoughts all--very late to the game commenting here (just got comments rights), would love to hear from anyone who's been using Assistant (or even stopped using after trying).
I *really* want to try this but authing isn't working for me. Anyone else have this issue? I'm on coffee shop wifi so that could be the issue.