Assembly HTML

With self deployable drag and drop website builder

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 28, 2016
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Hello everyone, Assembly lets you create simple HTML Websites in minutes. Start Building Now!!! Builder Demo : designs : Share with the community
@vivekvasani955 Good work man! :) This is awesome. I'll create my landing page with it.
@vivekvasani955 So can someone use this to build a web page building service? and host the results?
@oronoa yes you could build webpages with this
With all the other build-it-yourself without-any-technical-skill applications out there like Square Space and Wix, what makes you guys different? 😗 @vivekvasani955
Anything that makes website building easier for people like me is great!
@dannyfiorentini thank you Danny!!
good work :)
@zakirhossain99 thank you Zakir!!